The Mechanical Multifunctional line SicoALU1 represents the ideal solution for structural applications and compressed air distribution.

The system is based on a 90x90 mm extruded aluminium profile (EN-AW 6060 alloy, metallurgical State T6) with a central pipe having a diameter of 63 mm.

Thanks to the standard side grooves of all Sicomat aluminium profiles, it is possible to use of a wide range of trolleys and support and fastening structures.

The profile and all aluminium parts of the system are supplied with natural colour anodizing, class 12 μm, having guaranteed durability.

The line offers a large pipe and reduced surface roughness to minimise pressure drops.

Combined with the SicoAIR and SicoALU2, this solution is able to meet every need of compressed air distribution.

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