From small distribution systems to large industrial plants Sicomat SicoAIR is the practical and useful solution for compressed air distribution. As a result of years of experience in compressed air field, SicoAIR is based on a line of calibrated aluminium
pipes that are surface treated, ranging from20 to 63 mm. The junction is made with nylon fittings with high resistance to shock and pressure.
SicoAIR passed several product tests by TÜV Certification Institute; the system has been tested 4 times more than the normal working pressure (PN12.5).
Tests show that SicoAIR line demonstrates excellent resistance to stress generated by water hammer pressure changes and perfect duration in salty fog. The exterior coating gives SicoAIR characteristics of low friction to air passage and brief installation time thanks to the coloration of lines in compliance with the fluids identification regulations (avoiding subsequent pipe coating).
SicoAIR line is compatible with all other SICOMAT products establishing the base of a complete, flexible and functional system for all fluids distribution needs in relation to typical industrial use.

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