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Sicomat, leader trademark in the fluids distribution

Since 1985 SICOMAT means innovative and reliable products, guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certification
and by the achievement of important goals such as the product certification of the SicoAIR system by the TÜV Certification Authority.

Today SICOMAT represents an established reality on national and international level
thanks to its broad and close commercial network present
on all continents and to its technical and commercial service which tries to satisfy
in an always more effective and prompt way the requests of a fast and still evolving market.


Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SK Series. aluminum pipes and quick push-fit fittings


Push-fit fittings

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SR Series. pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air


Standard fittings

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SA Series. High performance square pipes


High performance profiles

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - S2 Series. multifunction system with double distribution duct


Double distribution line

The Sicoair line offers all the components for the realisation and maintenance of a fluids distribution plant. The line is composed by four different series and a wide range of completion accessories that guarantee versatility and adaptability to any context.

SK Series: aluminum pipes and quick push-fit fittings

SR Series: pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air

SA Series: high performance square pipes system

S2 Series: multifunction system with double distribution duct

Completion Components: items and tools for distribution lines, safety and automatic couplings, blowguns, hoses and hosereels

Explore all the Sicomat product lines in a virtual application environment. With the Sicomat Virtual Showroom, you can find out every single detail using your smartphone or from the comfort of your PC.

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