Tools holding arms

Sicomat tools holding arms represent the ideal solution to keep all working tools used in any modern production environment in an ergonomic position making them easily reachable. These tools holding arms are completely fashioned in aluminum and extremely strong and durable. Provided with an inner passage for compressed air (PN 12.5), the arms do not require any external feed tubing, thus offering pleasing aesthetics and an effective and functional solution. The base of this system is constituted by a single extruded aluminium profile (alloy 6060-T6) provided with a track for appropriate polyamide sliding trolleys with independent bearings on each wheel, which guarantee optimal sliding in any situation.

CC Series/Tools holding arms/Media and catalogues

CC Series/Tools holding arms

CC Series/Wall arms

An assortment of five wall-mounted tools holding arms, designed to handle loads up to 20 kg with agility, thanks to their excellent 180-degree rotation capability enabled by swivel bearings. Additionally, these arms offer the option of being powered with compressed air directly into the rotation pin, allowing precise positioning of the intermediate air intake at any point along the arm.

CC Series/Workbench arms

Simple and articulated counter holding arms, powered at the anchoring base, and equipped with a 360° pivoting joint. The articulated flag also features an intermediate joint on the arm, making it more versatile and compact for challenging environments.

CC Series/Accessories for tools holding arms

Accessories to integrate into the use of your tools holding arm, such as trolleys, air intakes, and mechanical balancers.

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