Multifunction system with double distribution duct

Double air supply line (PN 12.5). A new conception for compressed air distribution!
S2 Series Multifunction Line is characterised by an aluminium profile with two parallel ducts which can transport two diferent fluids or two diversified pressures. An innovative system for compressed air distribution which can be applied to working benches, automation lines and maintenance workshops (garages, tyres, coachwork,…).
The excellent functionality of this line is completed by the easy assembly and installation.

S2 Series

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Technical specifications


Thanks to its uniquely-designed aluminium profile and versatile fittings, the S2 Series can be configured according to specific needs and even allows for later additions to be made after installation. It is modular and can be perfectly adapted to any perimeter wall.

Un'esempio di impianto Serie S2, modulare e adattabile a seconda delle pareti perimetrali


The S2 Series revamps the concept of compressed air services. The special double-duct aluminium profiles simplify system design. One is enough for different fluids and different pressures, without the need for down pipes in addition to the feed line.

Il doppio condotto della Serie S2, capace di spostare più fluidi come aria compressa e azoto


The S2 Series improves and eases the work, keeping the distribution of compressed air well-ordered and organised. Simple to set-up, convenient to use, and with easily integrated accessories: this series is the perfect choice to maximise workstation performance.

Gli accessori. le prese e l'unità FRL allestiti sul profilo della serie S2, la serie multifunzione
Raccordo a doppio condotto specifico per la linea S2


Material: PA6
Sealing: NBR O-Ring
Use: Compressed air/Nitrogen/Water
Temperature: -20°C +70°C
Pressure: +12,5 BAR

Profilo a doppio condotto in alluminio anodizzato per la linea S2


Material: Alluminio EN AW-6060 T6
Treatment: Anodized
Use: Compressed air/Nitrogen/Water
Pipes length: 6m
Temperature: -20°C +70°C
Pressure: +12,5 BAR

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