Accessories for compressed air distribution systems

Sicomat accessories guarantee full compatibility and versatility for every single product line. This catalogue contains all the tools you may require best to complete your distribution line. From terminal blocks to pipe collars, adaptors for fittings to reamer tools, there’s a solution for all the requirements of your Sicomat air plant

CC Series/Accessories for compressed air distribution systems/Media and catalogues

CC Series/Accessories for compressed air distribution systems

CC Series/Flexibles

Flexible hoses can be used for the transport of compressed air and can be applied to SR and SK series distribution systems for thermal compensation and for creating bends and curves. Please note that for proper installation of the flexible hoses on a system, refer to the instruction manual (chapters 11.09 and 11.10).

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CC Series/Pipe clips

In addition to traditional fixing collars, Sicomat offers special collars for tubes ranging from 15 to 63 diameters, with interlocking and safety release system, ideal for securing aluminum tubes of the SK and SR series. In addition to these, anchoring brackets for beams and walls are also available, as well as junctions with integrated anchoring points.

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CC Series/Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are installed near the end of a drop. Made of polyamide and aluminum, they are used as connections for supplying pneumatic tools and machinery. They can be equipped with a manual or automatic condensate drain to ensure effective cleaning against condensate buildup in the system. Terminal blocks can be ordered in customized kits according to a specific code that can be found in the catalog.

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CC Series/Adapters

Male/female NPT to BSP threaded adapters and aluminum reducers.

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CC Series/Tools

Tools and equipment necessary for the proper installation of SK, SR, SA, and S2 series systems, including tube and profile processing and cutting tools, chamfering tools, and fittings wrenches.

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CC Series/Components

Other SicoAir series

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SK Series. aluminum pipes and quick push-fit fittings


Push-fit fittings

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SR Series. pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air


Standard fittings

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SA Series. High performance square pipes


High performance profiles

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - S2 Series. multifunction system with double distribution duct


Double distribution line