Blow guns for compressed air

Blow guns made of reinforced anti-shock polyamide, with a brass insert for a more secure and durable seal after multiple assemblies and disassemblies. They are fully customizable in color and logo and easily recognizable by the colored insert that distinguishes their essential features: green = standard, yellow = silenced, and red = safety. In addition to classic guns, ATEX environment guns and compact guns are also available.

CC Series/Blow guns for compressed air/Media and catalogues

CC Series/Blow guns for compressed air

CC Series/Blow guns

The colored insert of these guns allows for easy distinction between the three types that characterize this category of guns:

  • Green: standard gun with plastic or steel nozzle for applications where high flow is required.
  • Yellow: silenced gun with plastic or metal nozzle for applications where operator comfort is the goal.
  • Red: safety gun with pressure return system in case of outlet blockage.

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CC Series/ATEX Blow guns

The European Union Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) refers to all equipment and systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This directive takes into account all ignition sources such as hot surfaces, free flames, hot gases, mechanical sparks, electrical sparks, electrostatic discharges, and more. SICOMAT blowguns are classified as Group II, category 2G IIB T6. It is important to emphasize that the classification of the place where blowguns will be installed is the responsibility of the user, who is solely responsible for it based on their risk assessment.

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CC Series/Compact blow guns

The ergonomic and rounded shape of the body facilitates grip and manipulation under any condition and by operators of any type, while the possibility of choosing between 3 different nozzle versions makes the new P400 series blowguns applicable in a wider range of applications than any other type of cleaning and blowing device.

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CC Series/Components

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