Aluminium pipes and quick fittings

The experience acquired with SR Series led to the development of the new SK Series, the safe and quick push-fit solution for the compressed air distribution.
The line, composed by Ø15, Ø22, Ø28 mm aluminium pipes, is assembled with nylon fittings.
Tests show that SK Series has excellent resistance to stress generated by water hammer pressure changes and perfect duration in salty fog.
SK Series reduces assembly times.

SK Series

SK Series/Media and catalogues

Technical specifications


The SK Series comes with a quick-connect system that cuts down on assembly time, delivering on its promise of a complete system that allows for fast set-up and versatile design.

Un impianto di esempio della Serie SK


Creating a compressed air distribution line has never been so easy.
The quick-connect system of SK Series fittings makes for faster installation of the compressed air distribution system. No welding or tightening necessary.

Un raccordo dritto della Serie SK. Ben visibile è il blocco sul tubo attivato nella parte posteriore


The assembly system of the SK Series is quick and simple, and definitely safe and reliable. With the practical release tool, individual pipes can be safely uncoupled, with no risk of accidental uncoupling.

Un esempio di sgancio in sicurezza dei raccordi SK con l'ausilio dell'apposita chiavetta per la rimozione del tubo
Raccordo a innesto rapido per aria compressa della serie SK


Body: Black nylon
Coupling ring: Blue nylon
Ring: AISI 301 Stainless steel
Sealing: NBR O-Ring
Temperature: -20°C +70°C
Pressure: -0,8 +12,5 BAR

Tubi in alluminio, azzurri e grigi, e in rame della serie SK


Material: Aluminium EN AW-6060 T6 / Copper
Treatment: Fluotitanation
Coating: RAL 5015-7001 electrostatic COATING
Use: Compressed air
Pipes length:4-6m
Pipe quality: Calibrated extrusion
Temperature: -20°C +70°C
Pressure: -0,8 +12,5 BAR

Tubi in PERT, azzurri e grigi, della serie SK


Material: Pert
Coating: RAL 5015-7001
Use: Compressed air
Pipes length:4m
Temperature: -20°C +70°C
Pressure: -0,8 +12,5 BAR

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