Automatic and manual hose reels

Automatic and manual hose reels which guarantee the highest reliability and safety thanks to the complete spring rewind of the hose that prevents any accidental stumbling of the operator.
The wound hose is also kept safe from potential damage caused by trampling or incorrect rewinding as it can be locked in intermediate positions in order to reach different areas of the workplace.

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CC Series/Automatic and manual hose reels

CC Series/Automatic hose reels

Fixed and swivel hose reels, enclosed in an aluminum or stainless steel casing. They are equipped with a locking and automatic return system that can be activated by simply pulling the hose towards oneself to lock it and a second time to unlock it.

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CC Series/Open hose reels

Open hose reels with automatic or manual rewinding, available in aluminum and stainless steel, adaptable to any work context.

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