New Sicomat catalogue

SicoAir renews itself: new product lines and new graphic design

New product lines and an improved organization of the products already present in the catalog. Sicomat proposes a new concept of its offer by improving and implementing it to satisfy any requirement.
The Sicoair line guarantees versatility and adaptability to any customer need by offering improvements and optimizations of traditional products, as well as new series of cutting-edge products that further expand Sicomat’s offer.
You will find a renewed and modern catalog divided into different sections, each designed and developed to better adapt to each single context, from the small plant to the large distribution line.

SK Series: aluminum pipes and simple and safe push-fit fittings, suitable for small distribution plants.

SR Series: pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air. Perfect for any working environment, the series includes aluminium pipes and standard fittings for small distribution systems as well as Ø80 and Ø110 profiles for large distribution plants.

SA Series: high performance square tube system, a new generation of special profiles for compressed air distribution. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 18bar, it is available in five different diameters: 20, 25, 40, 50 and 63.

S2 Series: multifunction system with double distribution duct, a new concept for the completion of compressed air distribution lines. The aluminum profile with double duct, allows the transport of two different fluids at two different pressures.

Completion Components: a full range of completion components for the finishing of the distribution line. From accessories, such as terminal blocks and collars, up to hose reels, blow guns, safety couplings, pipes and spirals. The Completion Components Series will help you to reorganize and rearrange your workspace.

The Sicoair line offers everything you need for the preparation and maintenance of your compressed air system

Discover the products:

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SK Series. aluminum pipes and quick push-fit fittings


Aluminum pipes and quick push-fit fitting

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SR Series. pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air


Pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SA Series. High performance square pipes


High performance square pipes system

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - S2 Series. multifunction system with double distribution duct


Multifunction system with double distribution

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - Completion components, Items and tools for distribution lines



Items and tools for distribution lines