SA Series, a new born in Sicomat

The new SA Series

SA Series is the new generation of high performance special profiles for compressed air characterised by kits of specifically designed advanced fittings.
The system is suitable for both the assembly of a new plant and the expansion of an existing one.
Sa Series is easily adaptable to any working environment, fully compatible with any other product of the SicoAir Line and can transport fluids up to a maximum pressure of 18bar.

SA Series: the system is based on extruded aluminium profiles (EN AW 6060 alloy T6 temper). The reduced surface roughness of their internal passage guarantees a constant passage of the fluids minimising pressure drops.
The profiles are provided in two different finishings: raw or anodised aluminium.
The special fittings kits, realised in PA6+glass fiber, allow an advanced and complete development of the distribution line.

These fittings are characterised by special inner stainless steel teeth which guarantee a solid and strong grip on the aluminum profile.
This effective solution allows not only to improve and optimise the efficiency of the line, but also to freely coat the profile with the preferred color keeping the grip.
The interlocking support PA6 brackets are another distinguishing feature of the series. They are designed for a quick and safe on wall or hanging set up.
Thus no screws or allen screws are required for the assembly. The profile simply slides into the bracket until it fits.
The SA Series is available in five different diameters (20, 25, 40, 50 and 63) and can be applied to all kinds of systems, from large to small compressed air distribution lines.

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