SicoAir: now available, the second edition.

Updates and new products in the new edition of the catalog

The second edition of the Sicomat catalog, SicoAir, is finally available. More than a year since the first printed edition and with dozens of improvements and innovations, the new catalog comes with additional features for the world of compressed air. As always, it will be available both digitally, conveniently browsable on Flipping Book through the dedicated buttons on our website, and in print, supplied through our sales representatives. Request the updated catalog today, or download it directly from the website!

Below, you can find a list of the latest updates made:

The Sicoair line offers everything you need for the preparation and maintenance of your compressed air system

SK Series:

-Corrected values in the table in column A related to the Pert pipe.

-Corrected diameters of codes R203.040.114 and R211.032.114.

-Fixed error in code R527.020.15 to R527.020.051.

SR Series:

-Corrected the technical drawing of the aluminum profile.

-Fixed multiple errors in the QSB2012 code table.

-Corrected the coding of T-fittings.

SA Series:

-Added side male threaded socket AR209.063.001.

-Added male threaded terminal kit AR211.040.114.

-Improved support bracket.

S2 Series:

-Tool support surface with roll holder, M231.020.300, improved and optimized.


-Modification to data in the wall-mount support bracket table.

Air treatment:

-Removed timed discharge valve R223.012.011.

-Corrected code R223.023.010 to R223.038.001.

Hose reels:

-Removed hose reel R222.015.008V.

Blow guns:

-Corrected an error in code P000.000.009.


-Corrected an incomplete language field.


-Font replaced to improve text readability.

-Optimized visibility of labels along the table edge.

-Green gradient adapted to the Sicomat logo.

-Various minor corrections and graphic improvements.

Scopri i prodotti:

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SK Series. aluminum pipes and quick push-fit fittings


Tubi in alluminio e raccordi ad innesto rapido

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SR Series. pipes, profiles and fittings for compressed air


Tubi, profili e raccordi per aria compressa

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - SA Series. High performance square pipes


Sistema con tubi quadrati ad alte prestazioni

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - S2 Series. multifunction system with double distribution duct


Sistema multifunzione con doppio canalale di distribuzione

Sicomat, Sicoair Line - Completion components, Items and tools for distribution lines



Accessori per linee di distribuzione